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Producer Brandon Lankar delivers hot topics for hit Canadian talk show

Brandon Lankar was just eleven years old when he first began working in the entertainment industry. Because of this, many assume his parents were involved in the industry in some way, but his father was a mechanic, and his mother a stay-at-home-mom. He grew up in a small town outside of Toronto, and still Lankar always knew just what his path would be and never strayed.

Starting off as a pre-teen television host, Lankar soon discovered his passion lay behind the camera, pulling the strings. It was not long before he found his way to producing, and now he has produced several hit programs in Canada, including the news channel CP24 and the popular iHeart Radio Much Music Video Awards, working alongside the world’s most iconic musicians.

“I’m an extremely organized and sometimes controlling person and that’s really what being a producer is all about. You have to have a vision, plan on how you will make that vision a reality and execute it. I’m not risk averse when it comes to my career and that’s something that’s incredibly beneficial when producing. If you’re trying to get an audience to really connect with something you’re producing, you can’t do something that’s been done before. You have to push the boundaries as much as you can and not be scared that you might offend someone or that someone might be uncomfortable with your work. I’ve always said that I don’t care if you hate my work or you love it as long as it makes you feel something,” said Lankar.

Lankar is currently a producer on Canada’s number one talk show, The Social, responsible for not only launching the show five years ago, but also combing through news outlets from all over the world to find stories that will spark captivating debates that will engage the at-home and digital audience. He aims to ensure a robust discussion and works side by side with the hosts to prepare them for the live show. He also produces the final segment, typically a fun game he has created or a light-hearted chat that will leave viewers excited to tune in again the next day.

The Social is a highly rated, award-nominated, national daytime talk series that brings a fresh perspective on the latest news, pop-culture topics and lifestyle subjects. Now on its fifth season, it continues to be the only format of its kind – featuring ways for viewers to be socially interactive through comments and feedback on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

Brandon Lanker 2
Brandon Lanker in rehearsal with the hosts of CTV’s The Social

“I really love working on The Social. I’m so privileged to be able to work on a show that connects with so many people across Canada. Firstly, it’s allowed me to mix the two genres of live television that I love the most: hard news and pop culture. One day I could be working on a story about the federal budget and another day I could be reaching out to Katy Perry’s publicist to find out who she wore on last night’s red carpet. Secondly, I love working with such a diverse group of people. I think if you want something to be successful, you have to be able to analyze it from several different lenses. Thirdly, I love to ask questions. I was recently working on a segment with a lawyer all about what the legalities are surrounding online dating. To be able to make a career out of being inquisitive has been such a blessing. I’m on social media for everything including news, connecting with friends, dating, travelling, etc. The Social has allowed me to use all these things I love to create content for the country,” said Lankar.

The Social is immensely popular in Canada, and attending the live shows is extremely desirable. The energy from the live audience, as Lankar describes, can be felt throughout the studio, with people travelling from all over the country solely to see the show. That is what he finds so rewarding about his work. Many people reach out to him consistently to tell him what fans they are of the show and how its affected them. He loves seeing the impact the show has had.

“I’ve had someone say they love putting their baby down for a nap and watching the show because it’s the only time they feel they can actually breathe. I’ve had someone tell me that they would watch The Social while going to chemotherapy because it was the escape they needed,” said Lankar. “Even my mom watches the show every day and that’s saying something because she typically only watches home renovation shows.”

The Social is undoubtedly the highlight of Lankar’s esteemed career. He finds himself constantly connecting with his audience, and his work excites him. Earlier this year, he realized just how much he loves what he does when he was given the opportunity to work with his all-time favorite comedian, Kathy Griffin. As a child, he and his sister would lock themselves in their basement with their father’s laptop and spend hours howling with laughter listening to stories of the comedian’s celebrity run-ins. When he heard she was coming to Toronto, he immediately got her booked on the show.

“Let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of comedy – specifically female comics. There is one specific comic that I spent hours and hours watching online when I was growing up and her name was Kathy Griffin,” said Lankar. “I booked her for three segments on our show. Two of the segments were her discussing the hot topics of the day and the third segment was a sit-down interview with her. When the day came for her to be on the show, she couldn’t have been nicer. The segment went viral and it was surreal that the young boy that used to watch her on his dad’s laptop was now working with her to make TV magic,” he concluded.