Since the inception of Tinsel Town News Now in May 2014, TTNN has become a go-to news source for filmmakers and movie-goers alike. We are dedicated to bringing our audience breaking news, interviews, reviews and feature articles on some of the hottest international talents working in the entertainment industry today. We cover everything from high-profile film and television productions and the actors, directors, cinematographers and practically every other department that works tirelessly behind the scenes to bring pivotal and touching stories to the screen, to the models that catch our eye and the musicians who propel the music industry forward with innovative tracks. At the end of the day our purpose is to draw attention to the plethora of creative individuals who are following their heart, finding success and making an impact with their work.


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    1. Hi Rebekah, I suggest you contact them and see if it’s the right fit, it’s not our company, we are media outlet that covers people and topics in the entertainment industry. Hope this helps 🙂

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