Dan Hamill has already established himself as a successful actor, singer and entertainer in Australia, so it’s no surprise that offers from the US to work on a slew of exciting projects have come calling. 

Dan Hamill is bound for the US.

The acclaimed actor and singer, and industry leader, originally graduated from the esteemed Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, the same school which produced Hugh Jackman and Suicide Squad star Jai Courtney. That Hamill is poised to take a place on the international scale of these fellow artists is no surprise to those who have tracked his career thus far.

“I feel super fortunate for the opportunities coming from the U.S. at the moment. On my first trip to the states I remember there was an initial element of fear of the unknown and making that jump.”

He continues “[After actually being there however], there’s a real palpable energy to LA in particular, that really drives you to be counted and go for it! I just feel really lucky to be doing what I love, playing, and continuing that creative journey overseas.”

Dan’s acting experience is only part of his story as an entertainer. His experience as a singer is just as storied and celebrated as his acting career, with each experience informing the other.

His appearances as a singer on the reality singing competition, The X Factor, showcased his ability to capture the audience and industry professionals alike, earning standing ovations from judges and acclaimed singers Chris Isaak and Guy Sebastian. Dan was a finalist in The X Factor and was also a finalist on the singing show Popstars (notably, when he was only 18). Being a finalist on these shows is a heralded accomplishment in Australia as singers are narrowed down from tens of thousands auditionees to 12 or 10 finalists. Hamill is a passionate and skilled performer, and this is confirmed by the accomplishments that he has accrued from a young age. It’s no surprise that these experiences, along with his many acting roles, have positioned him to be in demand by those in the US market, as by those filmmakers at Sol Media in California, and others in Tulsa.  

Dan Hamill singing live on popular television series, ‘The X Factor.’

Hamill notably made a memorable appearance in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, an Australian television series produced by the ABC network. The popular period drama showcased Dan in the role of Steven Morris, the son of the titular character’s former ally – something which echoed the history of the protagonist’s circumstances and signified Hamill’s greater implied presence in the world of the series. 

As someone who excels in both music and acting, Hamill also delivered a memorable turn on House Husbands, sharing the screen with Firass Dirani (from Oscar-winning Hacksaw Ridge) and Australian icon Hugh Sheridan. The show, about fathers dealing with the responsibility of raising children and managing careers in a balance of comedy and drama, welcomed Hamill as a dark and antagonistic force that represented a distinct danger to the ‘house husbands’ and the women in their lives. 

“There’s nothing more enjoyable than playing the villain! … I think we all have light and dark within us, so being able to lean into a darker aspect of self on screen, and really understand how characters become that way, really fascinated me. Villains are never villains in their own mind and bringing compassion and understanding to that, no matter the character, is truly one of my favourite things about this craft.”

Dan’s capacity to access edge in the course of playing different characters was notably signified with his performance in Between Me, directed by Sundance filmmaker Kim Farrant, who helmed Strangerland with Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman. Between Me notably screened at festivals in Cannes and in the United States, planting the seed for Hamill’s international recognition which has led up to the current moment in which he is in demand by filmmakers and producers alike.  

Few actors possess the expertise it takes to play the complexities of love and loss as Hamill did in Between Me, and Hamill’s performance thus distinguishes him from other actors.

Dan on the red carpet at the Alannah & Madeline Foundation Ball. No doubt he’s primed for more in the US.
Dan Hamill with fellow well-known Australia actor, Michala Banas. Dan is often invited to such illustrious events to promote new film releases.

Of course, such recognition was no surprise given the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia’s leading newspaper, praised Hamill’s performance in Glimpse around the same time, the debut project of the Kin Collective of which Hamill was a founding member. In that production, amidst a cast of characters whose lives are falling apart and who do not communicate well with one another, Hamill and the cast go on to show that encounters with strangers can ultimately bond through their shared humanity, and as a result, we all share more connections that we may initially think we do. 

This international pedigree and diverse selection of showcases on international platforms clearly set the stage for Hamill to be selected from a wide crop of actors and entertainers, and while the details of his projects in the US remain under wraps, Hamill is excited for the future. 

“The future is looking really fun. I feel really heartened and proud of the opportunities that have presented themselves. I’ve honestly worked really hard on myself to be able to hold this space confidently and authentically…Life is very good.”