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KidCrusher Puts Horrorcore on the Map in Australia

06 - by Rom Anthonis.jpg
Nexus Effected (left), KidCrusher and Xibalba Bunny (right) shot by Rom Anthonis

When one thinks of Australia’s music scene, death metal hip-hop, more commonly known to fans as horrorcore, doesn’t necessarily come to mind. However, this style of music, which is considered a subgenre of hip-hop with a strong horror-theme influence, cryptic lyrical content, and brutal imagery, has garnered quite the worldwide following due in large part to an electrifying artist by the name of KidCrusher.

Initially stimulated by hardcore hip-hop, “I started my first rap group at the age of 12 and released 2 albums on cassette tape (around 1996), when I reached high school I was introduced to metal music and assembled my own cover band, ” says KidCrusher as he recalls his early love for the music genre.  

The Adelaide, South Australia native exploded onto the music scene back in 2005 when he released his first single “A Dirty Fuckin Murder,” and the accompanying music video, which instantly went viral. With over 280,000 plus views online, the popularity of the video skyrocketed and became a sensation among fans, the irony of this is the fact that the musician filmed the video by himself in his own backyard! What is even more impressive, and something that has lent to the major traction KidCrusher gained in the public eye back in the early stages of his career is that fact that it was included an episode of the hit TV show Law & Order. KidCrusher gained a huge cult following online and around the world, and the talented musician came to the fated realization that a career in music was his true calling.  

Check out the music video below:

After that there was no turning back for the KidCrusher. He began churning out albums  like there was no tomorrow; and, the worldwide praise he has received in exchange is monumental.  The unconventional, multi-talented musician (who also plays guitar, bass, programmed drums, piano, and also produces most of his own beats) released 12 studio albums over the past decade. In addition to this prolific pace, his live shows have definitely been a major cornerstone of the artist’s success, Over the years he has been featured on the bill with other popular global artists such as Insane Clown Posse, Xzibit, Tech N9ne, Hed(pe), Mushroomhead, Hopsin, and many more.

The musician’s most recent album “Metal Murder 3D” is perhaps his most universally acclaimed production to date with the album going on to win the Faygoluvers Metal Album of the Year Award in 2015. The award winning album also features a track entitled “Alice in Zombieland,” and with the support of Strongman Productions, a film-driven music video for the hit song was created and released in theatres throughout Australia during Monster Fest Trasharama.

“Music has always been like my best friend forever, I connect so well with it that to me, music is my life, career, past present and future of me. Every time I finish an album I say to myself ‘I’ll take a mini break and relax for a bit’ and it never happens, it pulls me back in, I feel so separated without it. I don’t know if its boredom or the drive for that amazing feeling of creating a masterpiece,” says KidCrusher.

And there doesn’t appear to be any slowing down as far as KidCrusher’s passion for making music and movies go. He recently released “Back to the KidCrusher” a video that celebrates his ten year anniversary of making music which also happens to coincide with “Back to the Future Day” on October 21, 2015. After the music video ends, there is a 30 minute documentary that highlights KidCrusher’s ten year career entitled “Ten Years of KidCrusher.” 

You can see the music video and documentary below:

Regardless of what medium is used, KidCrusher’s drive to make music and movie magic is nearly unmatched by any other performer in the Australian scene.  

Model in Focus: Axel Swan

Axel Swan
Axel Swan shot by Szilveszter Makó

In the world of modeling, having a certain look and being able to pull off many is crucial, and after seeing the photos and ad campaigns featuring British Italian male model Axel Swan, it is easy to see that the international heartthrob has that special something that turns heads.

Standing at 6’3” with glossy chin-length hair, a skinny frame and tattoos on his arms and legs, at first glance you might assume Axel is the typical bad boy, but in reality he is a fun loving, laid back guy who loves to play bass guitar, skateboard and create art using graphic design.

Like Cindy Crawford and many of the world’s most iconic models, Axel was originally ‘discovered’ at a mall at the ripe age of 15, but he didn’t take the fashion world seriously until several years later when, at the age of 21, he exchanged numbers with a booking agent he met at a bar. Finally ready to dote his natural beauty and gift for becoming various characters in front of the camera upon the modeling industry, Axel went on to sign with Barcelona’s Uniko Models and Two Management in the U.S., two of the world’s leading modeling agencies.  

The decision was certainly a wise one for the model, as he has since been tapped to work with some of the biggest and best photographers and most fashion-forward designers working in the industry today. 

“Modeling is a great way to get to know great and talented creative people, and it gives you the possibility to see places and travel more,” says Axel.  

Axel was featured as the main model in an ad campaign for renowned Japanese designer Junya Watanbe and iconic Spanish luxury brand Loewe where he modelled their rich collaborative collection of fine leathers and crisp denims; and boy did he do it with style!

The editorial was included in GQ Italia, in addition to being featured on the magazine’s website alongside the fashion video.The video shows close ups of Axel and the other models swaying, and slowly moving around in their gear, all while a clock ticks in the background, as if to imply that their apparel is “the bomb.”

You can check out the video below:

<p><a href=”″>Loewe x Junya Watanabe</a> from <a href=””></a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Axel was also the driving force in a series of editorials entitled “Lucha Libre” where he sports the brilliant fashions of famed designer Barbara Sanchez Kane for Fucking Young magazine. The gifted model goes all out by wearing a variety of colorful fabrics and conveying emotions, while genuinely capturing the true spirit of the “Lucha Libre” traditions.

In astonishing contrast to the bright colors and looks he sported for the Sanchez Kane editorial, Axel went to the dark and melancholic side in a series of editorials entitled “Shiele Reloaded” for Papercut Magazine.

The focus of the fantastic high-art series, Axel perfectly resembled the characters from various turn of the century paintings by famed Austrian expressionist painter Egon Shiele; and what’s more, as he sports an array of styles from contemporary brands such as Myths and Munn, he manages to brilliantly blend the old and the new.

“I’d always been really shy and introverted growing up and I thought the industry was the right place where to force myself to show others my personality as well as getting to know talented individuals. I managed to improve my personality kicking away most of my shyness,” admits Axel.

His statement has proven to be undeniably true as his repertoire of work to date, which includes modelling hair products for Urban Tribe, premium handbags for Italian brand Catherinelle, colorful swim trunks for Evin Beachwear, and footwear for prominent Italian brand Cult shoes, reveal Axel as a cool, calm and confident hunk that we cannot help but be captivated by.

Although breaking out of his shell appears to have come rather effortlessly for the 23 year old model judging by his photos, nothing in the industry can put a model’s confidence to the test quite like strutting down the catwalk. And Axel has definitely not shied away from that aspect of the industry either. Walking for leading designers at the renowned Barcelona Fashion Week where he sported creations for esteemed fashion designer Krizia Robustella’s “Black & Gold Kings” show, Axel showed audiences and buyers alike that he is one model that not only knows how to nail the mark, but one that leaves us wanting more.

Whether it be a print ad or a runway show, Axel Swan is sure to please even the harshest of critics. The sought after and diversely talented model has a lot of campaigns set for release this year, but one that will unquestionably introduce him to those who aren’t familiar with his work yet is the upcoming campaign he shot for Coca-Cola, which is slated to hit billboards across international markets very soon.


UK Artist Katie Bright’s “Pre-Love Past Loves”Lights Up New York’s Melrose Ballroom

Showgirls_by_Kaliisa Conlon
Katie Bright in one of her hand made wolf garments in “Showgirls” shot by Kaliisa Conlon


There is an “art” that comes with fashion, be it style or design, which is why the transition from fashion to art was a smooth one for creative mastermind and performer Katie Bright, also known by her artist name, Miss BrightSide. The extraordinary artist recently held a runway performance exhibiting her art pieces at New York’s Melrose Ballroom entitled “Pre-loved Past Loves.”

The show consisted of 7 models, starring Miss Brightside herself, all dolled up and sporting unique dresses each constructed with various soft, plush fur-like, wolf mask designs, all hand sewn and crafted by the artist. Each unique mask represents Miss Brightside’s previous lovers and conveys her love for fantasy, play and storytelling.

The British born, 36 year old artist originally graduated with a B.A. in Fashion, and designed for major Italian fashion brand United Colors of Benetton, as well as celebrated Australian fashion designer Akira Isogawa, whose fashion designs are displayed at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.

“Over the years most of the fashion collections I have created have been transmuted from work seen in galleries. Whether it was a colour palette from a painting or clothing informed by a sculpture,” says Bright regarding her designs, which were inspired by other art works.

Bright’s fixation and zeal for art led to her evolution as a visual artist and performer. In 2012, she decided to put together her first solo exhibit “My Fairytale Perspective on Love” with aMBUSH gallery, which was a sensation with over 1,000 supporters. Bright’s phenomenal success confirmed her footprint in the art world and allowed her to pursue her Masters in Fine Art at the esteemed Central Saint Martins in London. The renowned art and design school is known for such distinguished alumni as designer and “Project Runway” judge Zac Posen, singer -songwriter PJ Harvey, rapper MIA, artist Lee Wagstaff, and the illustrious designer Alexander McQueen.

Reminiscent of prominent artists such as Andy Warhol and Banksy, Brightside utilizes iconography and visual imagery to express her message in her art work. She says, “I would describe myself as a performance and installation artist interested in iconography, Hollywood, fairytales and feminine representation.”

However, for Brightside, it’s the subject matter of scopophilia (the pleasure or love of looking) that is near and dear to her heart as scopophilia is the driving force behind most of her art pieces, with the female, in this case iconic Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Aerial the mermaid, and Jessica Rabbit, as the objects of desire that are being gazed upon.

Throughout her first exhibit, Brightside used a screen printing technique, applying her prints onto a mirror, to reflect her enchanted, fairytale theme. The artist’s explanation was that, “I would hope the audience could entertain the position of a voyeur or scopophiliac. There is also the view that through my journey the observer could interpret their position of being a woman.”

The visual artist continues to play with iconic imagery and the topic of scopophilia by pushing the subject to new boundaries as Miss Brightside opened her latest New York art performance by coming out to the classic song “I Want to Be Loved by You” by Marilyn Monroe (from the Oscar nominated picture Some Like It Hot), wearing a white wedding dress, along with a blonde short wig, to personify the Hollywood legend.

Check out the live performance below:

“I believe Marilyn Monroe developed a formula. Famous for the bleach blonde hair, Nike ‘swoosh’ eyebrows, a full red lip pout and that iconic mole. Monroe’s ‘perfecting oneself’ beauty regime has been reproduced over the decades; whether blonde or brunette, we all accentuate what God gave us, and for some, to the point of becoming unrecognizable to our own mothers, ” says Bright, who intends to develop a full series of work on the voluptuous icon.

Aside from taking the art world by storm, Miss Brightside also has her designs set to premier this summer at the Surftides Lincoln City Hotel in Oregon, and at Tart Restaurant and Farmer’s Daughter Hotel in Los Angeles. She’s also currently organizing her third art exhibit entitled “Preloved II,” and if her show is anything like her first exhibit Miss Brightside will be sure to make room for new art, and fashion, enthusiasts alike.

Ze Gran Zeft puts France’s Hip Hop Rock Scene on the Map!

Ze Gran Zeft
ZGZ’s Da Kid (right), Boots and Sideman (right) shot by Marie Gimenes

France is certainly known for its cuisine, high fashion, and romantic allure. However, throughout music history the country has never been at the forefront of producing great rock music until now: rock band Ze Gran Zeft is looking to change all that and in a big way.

Compared to bands such as Limp Bizkit, The Prodigy, and Cypress Hill, ZGZ (as they are more commonly referred to by fans) consists of singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter Boots, bass player Sideman, and Da Kid on drums.

Hailing from Toulon in the South East of France, the band was formed in 2009 at a band contest when Da Kid met Boots and the rest, as they say, was history.

Da Kid recalls how well they clicked right away saying, “Total chemistry, we have a lot of influences, and that makes ZGZ’s richness, and it’s been like that from the beginning. It’s been 6 years since we started working together and it’s still the same craziness!”

Shortly after their formation, musical impresario Charles “Kallaghan” Massabo was brought into the picture in order to help put a grasp on their still raw and edgy sound. With his keen ear, Massabo molded ZGZ into an exciting and energetic band with much more cohesion. Kallaghan’s vision and big brother-like presence has given the band a much more focused approach to making music.

“We work as a “rock band” but with a “hip hop” approach – the beat/instrumentals are made first, then I would write some hooks keeping the best one to build a powerful chorus. The inspiration/recording/writing process stays the same for us, we create a vibe, we just fool around until we reach the positive vibe to create and record a track. And basically that is what ZGZ is made of,” says Boots.

ZGZ’s first two EP’s were “Watch the Crown” and “Crunked Vizion” which were both released in 2013. The sound for both albums is wild and rambunctious, perfect for youthful party goers, and very reminiscent of American singer Andrew WK.

According to Boots, “I usually write lyrics about stuff that amuses me, like partying with friends, having a good time, and most of all: SEX. We like the 80’s vibe before grunge came out with all their penis problems haha…But we are also huge fans of 90’s music and that paradox is ZGZ’s main direction: the crossover. We’re just a bunch of kids that love to fool around and annoy elder people.”

After releasing the hit single ‘Spaceman’ in September, which features Falling In Reverse’s former lead guitarist and vocalist Jacky C. Vincent, the band released their next single ‘#Millennial Kids’ featuring Mopreme Shakur, Tupac’s older brother, on Dec. 3. The song pays tribute to the generation of 20 and 30 something’s that grew up on Super Nintendo, Baywatch and everything in between that made it so great to grow up in the Millennial era.

Their first full-length album entitled “JOI” is set to be released in 2016.

You can check out the video for their new single ‘#Millenial Kids’ below, as well as buy some of their past tracks and albums through iTunes.


The Magician Behind the Scenes: Sunghwan Moon

Korean Film Editor Sunghwan Moon


No medium exhibits the importance of collaborating with a wide array of creative minds quite like film production. And possibly no other title at the center of this marvelous art form holds it all together like the position of an editor.

An actor’s rehearsed lines have no meaning without the editor’s contribution. The director’s constant input lacks any sort of importance or cohesion without the editor working his or his magic. And most importantly, the writer’s story has no discernible narrative if not for the hard work fashioned by the editor, which ties everyone’s work together in the final product.

Sunghwan Moon knows this better than anyone. His hard work, dedication, resilience, and knack for working well with others have helped establish him as a remarkable editor in the world of film and television.

It is no wonder that the Korean-born Moon was one of only 14 film editors selected annually to participate in the renowned American Film Institute (AFI) conservatory program.  His talents were quite apparent in the film and TV industries in Korea but once he moved to Los Angeles to attend AFI his career officially took off.

Attending AFI allowed Moon to build a significant and valuable network of relationships, including a couple of directors that would go on to provide him with some of the most challenging, yet satisfying jobs of his career to date.

One such film was director Kristine Namkung’s well-received romantic comedy Head Trauma. This film, which revolves around an Asian-American girl who gets a head injury and loses her ability to control her impulses, was right up Moon’s alley. The film’s simple yet elegant editing style helped gain attention noticed among festival goers including rave reviews at the Los Angeles Shorts Festival.

Shortly after receiving high praise for his work on the film, Moon’s successful momentum in the industry continued when he landed an editing position on writer-director Logan Sandler’s film Tracks. Starring Keith Stanfield (Straight Outta Compton, Selma) and Dominique Razon (Criminal Minds, Scorpion) the film follows the life of an amateur skater who is left to care for the young daughter of his girlfriend on the day of an important skateboard tournament.

“The director’s vision for this film was very clear…He and the DP shot the film in a way so that the camera looks at the main character all the time like a documentary,” says Moon.

In fact, in order to emulate the appropriate effect for Tracks, Moon reached out to veteran editor Nicholas Chaudeurge (Still Alice, Fish Tank) whose work inspired Moon’s editing on Tracks. His advice was immensely helpful and shortly thereafter they became close friends.

“I tried to respect how it was shot and edit accordingly. And this film got into many festivals around the world including this year’s AFI FEST,” adds Moon.

In addition to being chosen as an Official Selection of the Cambridge Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival, and the 24FPS International Short Film Festival where it received a Best Actor Award for Keith Stanfield’s performance.

“I’m happy that he won because a big part of editor’s job is to shape actors’ performance,” explains Moon.

.Moon’s precise edits coupled with the enthralling story and crafty camera work earned the film a Grand Jury Prize nomination at the 2015 AFI Fest.

Moon definitely understands the importance of paying close attention to the director’s vision of any project, as well as the DP’s shooting technique in order to properly accomplish the desired effect.

He says, “In general, I believe how the footage is shot tells you how to edit. The footage tells you how to cut.”

Some of Sunghwan Moon’s other films to date include The Confession, The Superman, Mrs. Alderman, The Lost Generation, Together Alone and many more. Through each of his projects as lead editor it is easy to see this truly talented editor’s intuitive relationship with footage and his ability to create a seamless story that fits the goal of the film, no matter how different one project is from the next.



From Hundreds of Commercials to Hit Films, Production Designer Hank Mann Sets the Tone

Established production designer Hank Mann has seen, and created it all. From designing over 200 commercials, including his famous Go Daddy ad with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mann has also created the setting and tone for Sarah McLachlan’s Ordinary Miracle and Nickleback’s How Your Remind Me music videos, constructed sets from scratch while collaborating with the art department, as well as managed film crews and budgets on feature films, all simply to create the director’s vision.

“Every job has its own unique structure that is revealed as soon as I read the treatment and script,” says Mann on his beginning stages of design.

His passion to work in film started at age 5, when Mann impressively created Super 8 stop-motion movies. The urge to work in film and design never left him, as he studied Film Theory and Sociology/ Communications at Queens University.

Mann worked various other crew jobs before landing his first major production design job on a global Ford Mondeo commercial starring David Duchovny (The X- Files, Californication), which carries a Twin Peaks / X-Files like surrounding and tone.

After designing commercials for McDonald’s, Burger King, Nike, Best Buy, Audi, Subaru, Toyota, Advil, TBS, Nickelodeon, Fisher Price, just to name a few, Mann decided to go back to working on films.

Mann prefers working in the realm of film and television because “in the process of production designing I really get into the characters – their history, their successes, their faults, their stories. Film and TV allow for a complete submersion into a character’s life.”

And by doing so, the audience can visually comprehend the depth, and perspective, of a particular character and their setting.

In 2008’s Kill Kill Faster Faster, Mann’s first feature film as a production designer, spectators can clearly establish the film’s gritty, suspenseful tone and enticing nature of each character and their drive in the narrative.

Produced and directed by Gareth Maxwell Roberts (The Mortician, Writer’s Retreat), Kill Kill Faster Faster focuses on an incarcerated man named Joey One-Way, played by Gil Bellows (Alley McBeal, The Shawshank Redemption). Joey is paroled from prison after receiving an offer from a producer named Markie, played by Esai Morales (La Bamba, NYPD Blue), for a script Joey wrote behind bars. However, Markie is in over his head when Joey has an affair with Markie’s girlfriend.

For this particular film, Mann established a color scheme for the characters, not only to support the storyline of the script but to work within the budget of the film. “I chose to put a lot of initial resources into establishing a colour hue for each character so that regardless of how little money we had, at minimum there was a common tone the creatives could all work towards.”

The film garnered two wins in 2008 for Best International Feature at London Independent Film Festival (LIFF), as well as Best Editing at the HD Film Festival.

In 2010, Mann worked on the action-drama film Repeaters. The film starred Amanda Crew (Silicon Valley, Charlie St. Cloud), and Dustin Milligan (90210, Silicon Valley). Directed by Carl Bessai (Sisters and Brothers, Emile), Repeaters follows three friends who are trapped in a time maze, similar to the film Groundhog Day.

At the 2011 Leo Awards, Repeaters was nominated for 10 awards and won for Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Feature.

Mann continued to work on films in 2011 on the set of Reinout Oerlemans’ Nova Zembla, a historical Dutch drama which centers on a team of explorers who travel from the North East Passage to the Indies, while encountering rough weather conditions.

The film was shot on location in Iceland, Belgium and Canada, where Mann created a slew of captivating sets.

“My initial approach was to research as much as possible, visiting real locations and reviewing online sources and then extracting the most interesting and iconic bits to then combine into our stage set builds,” says Mann.

Like his other two films, Nova Zembla received recognition and was nominated for two Rembrandt Awards and received a Golden and Platin Film Award.

This past year, Mann recently wrapped up commercials for Nissan and PetCo, as well as a six screen art installation he worked on and collaborated with Oscar winning director Denys Arcand (Barbarian Invasions), and installation artist Adad Hannah. The piece is entitled The Burghers of Vancouver, and was inspired by Rodin’s The Burgher’s of Calis.

The installation premiered in Paris earlier this year and ran from February to May at the Montreal Museum of Art.

Richard Davis Lights Up the Screen in the Films “Psychic Playground” and “Shahzad”

Richard Davis
                                     Richard Davis on set of the film “Amalgamations”

Toronto born actor Richard Davis has not one, but two films being released later this year, the bravoFact poignant drama Shahzad and the quirky dark comedy Psychic Playground.

Shahzad, written and directed by Haya Waseem, follows an 11-year-old Pakistani boy who moves to another country with his father and has difficulty transitioning. Davis’ character, Richie, comforts Shahzad and becomes his best friend, which helps drive the film’s narrative of Shahzad discovering that his ‘home’ can be anywhere in the world, not just the place he was born.

“The role was a favorite of mine because of the storyline and people involved in the project,” says Davis.

The extremely gifted 11-year-old, a four-time Young Artist Award nominee has completed 18 films in the span of his extraordinary career over the last seven years, portraying a diverse range of characters from comedy to drama in TV and Film.

Davis is best known for his character in Marco Baldonado’s The Comeback Kid, as well as Ken Finkleman’s (The Newsroom) HBO Canada hit series Good Dog, which he landed at the age of 5. The series Good Dog focused on a TV producer who attempts to launch a reality show centered on his life with his model girlfriend and her son, played by Davis. He also starred in an episode of Murdoch Mysteries, Copper, and The Ron James Show.

The busy actor owes a large part of his career to his intellect as Davis has an amazingly high oral I.Q. in the 99.9 percentile, as well as being an adept speed-reader.

“Being a speed reader really comes in handy when you only have 24 to 48 hours to prepare for the audition,” says the astute actor.

At the age of 4, Davis started his career in commercials being featured in several high-profile national television advertisements for McDonalds, Make-A-Wish Foundation and many more. At around the same time he also began acting in the theatre, which Davis admits gave him “the opportunity to develop my confidence and acting skills through performing monologues on stage to an audience.”

This year Davis also had a role in director Sean Cisterna’s (Moon Point, 30 Ghosts) recent feature film Full Out. The film, which debuted on Canada’s Family Channel in September and helped boost the network to the No. 1 spot as the leading specialty kid’s network in the country, is based on the true story of gymnast Ariana Berlin, whose dream to compete in the Olympics was derailed after a car accident.

The inspirational movie, which starred Jennifer Beals (The “L” Word, Flashdance, Proof), Ana Golja and Sarah Fisher (both from Degrassi: The Next Generation), focuses on Berlin’s recovery and comeback to gymnastics. In the film Davis’ character, a young boy who Berlin meets at the recovery center, is also struggling to heal and work past his own traumatic accident, which ultimately helps Berlin come to terms with and conquer her own obstacles.

“There is something to be learned from every role I perform,” says Davis on his acting process. “It’s the best when you can just be free to express what is truly in your heart and mind…”

While Davis has a mature understanding for dramatic roles, his latest film displays him in a comedic light in writer and director Sarah Pugsley’s Psychic Playground. In this oddball film about an eccentric boy who has an unusual approach to show and tell in the classroom, Davis takes on the starring role of Dez.

With three films released just this year, it’s safe to say that the exceptional and wise beyond his years Canadian actor will be looking onward and upward as 2016 steadily approaches.

Young Australian Actor Caleb McClure Stars in the film “The Legend of Ben Hall”

TV series Underbelly
Actors Matt Boesenberg (left), Caleb McClure (center) and Luke Ford (Right) on set of “Underbelly” shot by Brett Cox

Australian born actor Caleb McClure just wrapped production on writer-director Matthew Holmes’ film The Legend of Ben Hall, which is set in the 1800’s and based on true Australian historical events focusing on Bushranger Ben Hall and his gang of outlaws.

The film co-stars Callan McAuliffe (The Great Gatsby, Homeland), Andy McPhee (Saving Mr. Banks), and displays McClure’s emotional depth as a child actor. He plays a policeman’s son who is traumatized and impacted by Ben Hall’s unlawful ring, as his father is shot down and dies in his very arms. McClure’s character drives the narrative and demonstrates that, even though he is still in his early teens, he is an actor who’s well beyond his years in terms of emotional maturity.

“My role was intense at times with a lot of action and emotion so I had to be quick on my feet, and it was definitely physically challenging,” says the actor who also worked in freezing conditions while shooting on location in Victoria and New South Wales in Australia.

The Legend of Ben Hall is currently in post-production and set to be released in 2016. McClure adds, “Transforming into another era and becoming this character was great.”

Caleb McClure is no stranger to showcasing his impressive dramatic range and depicting characters in period pieces. In 2008, he starred in the sixth season of Australia’s Award Winning Television series Underbelly, entitled Underbelly: Squizzy, which was set in the early 1900’s and revolves around notorious Melbourne gangster Squizzy Taylor.

In 2011, McClure took on the leading role in the film Where Is Mum? where he played a child who conceals his HIV from his fellow classmates at school.

“I try to find something I can relate to or is challenging, and something that I can accomplish in a great way,” says the actor about choosing roles. 

Recently McClure tackled the AIDS ailment once more as he co-starred in Tim Conigrave’s bestselling memoir, turned film adaptation Holding the Man, where he played Tim’s younger brother, Nick Conigrave. Holding the Man focuses on the 15-year love affair of two gay men set during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s.

“I had to show a lot of emotion and be aggressive and upset,” says McClure.

In the film, which received rave reviews in Australia, McClure stars alongside Guy Pearce (Memento, LA Confidential, The Hurt Locker) as Tim and Nick’s father, Dick Conigrave, as well as film veteran and Oscar Winner Geoffrey Rush (Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, The King’s Speech, and Shine) who plays Tim’s acting teacher.

Like most actors who have reached pivotal success in their youth like, Leonardo Di Caprio or Tobey Maguire, McClure began building his resume when he was just a toddler. At the ripe age of four, the now dramatic actor started his career as a print model for Elle Magazine and within a few years landed his first acting gig at the age of eight.

From that point forward, McClure swiftly landed several roles from Where is Mum? A View from Below, I am Evangeline, and Underbelly. Now with over fifteen film roles under his belt there is no stopping this actor’s rocket career.

“I’m interested in whatever will carry me to the next level as an actor,” says McClure, and you can bet that audiences will continue to watch as this versatile young performer’s career flourishes.

You can find out more about Australian actor Caleb McClure through his IMDb Page: