The Power of Networking, Forming Bonds and Working with Friends: Roshan Gidwani’s Unique Path to the Top

Roshan Gidwani
Actor and TV Host Roshan Gidwani shot by Jonathan Catzin

So much of life, and success, comes down to our relationships; and the ability to form strong bonds with like-minded, inspirational people can be a deciding factor in one’s personal success, not to mention the fact that, for most of us, it makes life a whole lot more enjoyable.

For television host and actor Roshan Gidwani, the drive to connect and form ongoing relationships with those he admires and relates to in the entertainment industry is partly responsible for the celebrated career he’s become known for internationally today.

Friendship and creating quality entertainment is what it’s all about,” explains Roshan Gidwani. I think that many professionals do not see networking as a form of socializing… The stigma is that working is not supposed to be social. I disagree… We’re social beings. If someone likes you, understands your unique take on life and why that defines your interests and ambitions then they are more likely to stand by you on your creative journey.”

Roshan, who’s become known for his lead roles as the host of an impressive list of popular TV series such as “Science Quirks,” “Rap Chef,” “Art Bus” and “Discover Guangzhou,” has reached an astonishing level of success in his entertainment career, which ironically started as a way for him to connect with friends across the world.

“I’m a global citizen. I really miss my friends from all over the world. I went to an international school and my friends dispersed all over the globe after we graduated. We’re all separated by water and land,” Roshan admits. “I wanted to rap and the motivation behind that was that my friendships would last forever like a good song. Or, I would always be around at the click of a button. Acting gives me the same incentive… I guess the word I’m looking for is omnipresence.”

In a way, Roshan’s on screen celebrity has given him just that– a level of ‘omnipresence’ that only a select few manage to achieve. Considering the plethora of projects he’s been apart of to date, which also includes his work as an actor starring in major films, such as Tzang Tong’s highly publicized and award-winning dramatic feature “Faeryville,” and the TV series “Drive Me Crazy,” “Dragon’s Inn” and more, it’s relatively easy for anyone these days to click on the television or go to the theatres and see him on screen.

Fluent in English and Mandarin, Roshan enjoyed an incredibly multicultural upbringing, something that, as the host of an impressive list of TV shows catered to viewers across multiple continents, has undoubtedly helped his audience relate to him. Though he was born in Thailand, Roshan spent his formative years in Sydney, Australia before moving to Guangzhou, China where he lived until he was 17 and finally to Singapore, where his career really took off.

While Roshan has always had a powerful voice and the magnetic energy necessary to captivate viewers when he’s on screen, his first foray into show business came over a decade ago when he was rapping and emceeing shows under the pseudonym Rosh G. As a teen back in China, Roshan’s stage presence and lyrical fluency led him to be featured on national television in China during their national holiday with his song “In Guangzhou.” The attention from that led him to be tapped to perform at major events such as the China Miss Bikini Awards, and not long after he landed the lead recurring role as the host of “Discover Guangzhou,” a series that took viewers across the bustling Chinese city and exposed them to China’s unique art and culture.

By the time he moved to Singapore, the reputation he’d created for himself as a strong and talented performer led him to book work instantly. Though it was still early in his career, he was already hosting the SEA Games in Singapore, a major biennial event overseen by the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia, the Miss Bikini Awards and being recognized by popular magazines for his charm and skill, not to mention his aesthetic appeal. He even made it onto the Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelors, a highly competitive accolade decided by Cleo Magazine, and was chosen by Seventeen magazine as their Singapore 2010 Summer Hunk.

He was tapped to host the Mediacorp OKTO weekly TV series “Art Bus,” where he interviewed artists and exposed viewers to a plethora of  public art collections across Singapore. Roshan went on to host of the series “Science Quirks,” which aired on Mediacorp’s digital entertainment platform Toggle. Over the course of the show’s 26-episode run he interviewed researchers and scientists working in the field, and helped to educate viewers on everything from primary to upper level science subjects.

Some of the qualities that have made Roshan stand out and become such a sought after host for a wide range of programs is the continuity of his personality on and off camera, and the way he presents the material in an upbeat and relatable way.

“I’m not a different person at the audition and on the actual shoot. I’m consistent. At least my personality is. I’m naturally very happy… Hosting is very easy when you’re smiling and you enjoy talking to the camera. I like people in general. I host as if I’m connecting with an old friend and that friend is a camera lens.”

It’s easy to see from the moment Roshan graces the screen that his presence and conversational abilities are uniquely captivating, just watch the interview below and judge for yourself.

When asked about his technique as a host, Roshan explains, “After doing this for so long you kind of develop some techniques to wake your voice up. You ruffle your lips, you rap while jogging. You stay focused. I imagine everyone in the room as one moving organism. They’re there to respond to me. They’re there to listen and be guided. It’s not the same as imagining everyone naked. It’s just about believing that they like you. It gets easier when you become friends with your audience.”

While Roshan would continue to host several more series, and still does today, he’s also carved out a competitive position for himself as an actor. Upon moving to Singapore he landed the recurring lead role of Bill on the series “Dragon’s Inn” where he starred alongside Rayve Zen (“Siew Lup,” “Million Loves Me”), Caroline Chong (“The Tattooist,” “Pu Chi Kang”) and Benjamin Heng (“Filial Party,” “It’s a Great, Great World”). Roshan and actor Benjamin Heng formed a close friendship and would go on to work together again in the series “Drive Me Crazy” several years later where their characters are actually best friends on screen.

About working with Heng, Roshan says, “I was 19 years old. He was like a mentor to me. To reconnect years later and find out that he did the project [Drive Me Crazy] because he found out I got cast was a huge compliment. He respects me. We work well together and we’re friends.”

In the series “Drive Me Crazy” Roshan played the starring role of Ryan, a bar owner and perpetual bachelor by choice, whose eye for the ladies led him on one wild rampage after another. With the story centering on the tumultuous newlywed relationship of Jeremy (Benjamin Heng) and Chantal (Sheena Chan), Roshan’s character Ryan, Jeremy’s best friend, was the antagonist who always stirred things up, bringing the show’s conflict, as well as its comic relief.

“I remember Roshan giving the scenes many of his own different interpretations and constantly conversing with the director about which performance he enjoyed the most so that he could repeat it,” Heng recalls. “His raw and natural vulnerability was extremely refreshing and definitely lights up the room.”

The series “Drive Me Crazy” served as yet another testament to Roshan’s ability to captivate viewers, this time revealing his capacity for breathing life into a character and building on that over the course of a scripted series.

While Roshan Gidwani has become an undeniable force in the entertainment industry through his roles as both an actor and host, it’s not a stretch to say that his work, and life in general, is more fun because he makes it a point to connect and form meaningful relationships with those he collaborates with.

At the end of the day he says, “Collaborations between professionals occur because both parties respect each other’s individuality and by doing so, are enhancing their own talent by absorbing your unique traits and sharing their own. They are able to mirror themselves off you and sharpen their own knives because you’re working hard to sharpen your own. It takes two to tango in other words.”

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