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Producer Shlok Shukla Brings his Tri-Cultural Perspective to the Screen

Producer Shlok Shukla

As the film industry continues to expand and globalize, the teams behind Hollywood’s massive productions must continue to diversify their perspectives and experiences. That’s why talent like screenwriter and producer Shlok Shukla, with his tri-cultural background, are key to the evolution of this multi-billion dollar industry. 

Shlok Shukla was born in Russia, a country more known for its literature, dance and classical music than its movies. However, Shukla’s parents were avid cinephiles, so from a young age, he developed a love for movies. 

“I always wanted to be in the film industry, for as long as I can remember,” Shukla reminisces. “Initially, I wanted to be an actor, but as time went on, I began to feel like I had stories to share with the world.”

Shukla’s story took an intriguing turn when, as a child, his family moved to India. Imagine having your whole life upturned, and being thrust into the heart of a land and culture so entirely different from your own! The young Shukla observed and absorbed India’s vast cultural riches, incredible sights and magnificent arts. 

Shukla’s time in India eventually came to an end, when his family relocated to the USA, bringing Shlok within reach of the proper education, connections, and setting to realize his dream of working in Hollywood. 

Now, years later, armed with experience, degrees, and a wealth of cultural experience, Shlok has thrust himself fully into the film industry. Two of his feature-length scripts, “All My Friends are Dead” and “Hangman,” have won multiple awards such as Best Script, Best Dialogue and Best Characters, among many others in festivals across the world, including the Rome Prisma Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Awards and Medusa Film Festival, among others.

In addition to telling his unique stories, Shukla has fallen in love with being a producer. “A producer’s tasks range far and wide, from finding projects and launching them, to budgeting, casting, post-production, and even release,” explains Shukla. “A producer’s job is never over, which makes it a lot of fun!”

Shukla began his production career while at the New York Film Academy, offering to assist his friends and classmates with their films. At first, he handled small tasks, such as location scouting and casting, but as he spent more time and effort learning the trade, he got involved in larger projects.

Recently, Shukla produced a music video for Los Angeles-based artist, Rocky Rose, titled “Let’s Ride.” Shukla was approached by the production team for this project and asked to come on board, and he jumped at the chance to help out. Shukla researched different artists and cinematographers to work with, and handled location scouting for the video, which takes place across various areas in L.A. Shukla also utilized his writing and storytelling skills to conceptualize scenes for the video that would hook the audience and keep them engaged.

“Working with Shlok means a project will be completed not only on time, but with the

highest quality possible,” remarked Elizabet Collins, co-producer of “Let’s Ride”. “If I could clone Shlok and work only with him, I would.”

Shukla’s experience working on this project made him a natural fit to work on another music video, this time for the Chilean rock band Temple Agents. Shukla’s company, I’m Not Famous Films, was hired by the band’s guitarist to create a music video in secret, titled “Young Soul,” as a surprise to Temple Agents’ frontman, Ale Solar. Solar’s father had recently passed away, and this project was meant to be a celebration of life, and a gift to Solar.

Cinematographer Joshua Fraser, Kevin Amaya and producer Shlok Shukla on set of “Young Soul” shot by Elizabeth Collins

Shukla wrote an initial script to capture the concept and vision for the video, then budgeted the video based on his script. After that, Shukla handled just about everything, from casting, scouting, and logistics to the video’s distribution and release.

“Shlok balances the creative and business mindsets in his empathetic approach to people,” said Julian Santiesteban, co-producer of the “Young Soul” music video. “He is honestly looking out for his crew and talent because he is really someone that goes beyond what is needed: he cares.”

Shlok Shukla’s unique view of the world is informed by his experiences; his childhood, spread across three wildly different cultures; his studies of business and screenwriting; and his experiences working in the film industry as he brings his stories to life. This unique vision, which only Shukla possesses,  is what distinguishes him among other producers and screenwriters in the film industry, and is a big part of what makes his projects special. If you see Shukla’s name in the credits, you’re in for a treat. He is also the producer behind the films “ALonely”, “Love is a Game” and “Flesh Fresh.”