Bruno Nunez Romagnoli is already a well known actor in his homeland of Argentina. With his latest role, he is becoming a part of the lineage of Latin actors in Hollywood; a list which includes such actors as Anthony Quinn, Antonio Banderas, Michael Pena, Edward James Olmos, and so many others. This actor exudes the intensity and charisma that the aforementioned leading men posses but is also required to establish a career in a modern day market which is somewhat chaotic. With so many paths available to the actors of today (film, TV, online and streaming platforms), the path to work and success is more fragmented than ever before. This also means that the potential for an actor to be seen is greater, as is the competition for the public’s attention. To get noticed takes that intrinsic quality, a quality that many are recognizing in this young actor known for his commanding presence.

Her Last Job is writer/director Leon Tianze Wang’s film about modern day hitmen and their pursuit of a mark while dealing with their personal lives. Romagnoli plays Robin, an assassin hired for a job who runs into an old flame, who was also a hitman. The reunion does not end well for Robin. Her Last Job creator and director, Wang recalls the experience working with the actors, “Bruno’s performance in the film is incredible but he added more than the public will ever know. Without him on set, I don’t think we would have been able to achieve making this film. We had so many problems when we were shooting in the Salton Sea. I was worried about the actors all the time because I was making them work for more than 16 hours straight. Bruno, who was the leading character told me, ‘Don’t worry. I understand how directing works. I’m here for you so let’s work, okay?” I couldn’t believe it. He truly helped me out at a time when everyone was exhausted. He led the charge to stay focused and at delivered a heart wrenching and riveting performance.”

her last job 2


Romagnoli always loves the challenge of filmmaking and acting but reveals that Her Last Job was a challenge that required him to stay particularly focused. The location and the fact that this was an independent film made the shoot especially difficult for its cast and crew. Bruno reveals, “Filming in the middle of the desert at noon is insane! It was more than 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and was also full of flies, making it very uncomfortable. The incredible heat caused some of the equipment to intermittently stop working, which delayed shooting. Filming was delayed so much that the script needed to change and 30% of the scenes became night scenes. Independent films have a much tighter budget and in order to not exceed that, we had to stay awake and work through the entire day and night for the climax scene. The two actresses and I who were a part of these scenes were working for more than 20 hours straight, only stopping for lunch. The director felt awful about the working conditions; we were all tired and dizzy because of the heat. If I only had an acting background, I might have been grumpy, but I understood his situation. I let him know that I was going to be there for whatever he needed and I was not going to stop until it was done. With tears in his eyes, he hugged me. I might have helped but it still wouldn’t have worked without the two talented women, Caitlin Harty and Mariana Huerta who worked just as hard as everyone involved in the film. There were no rampant egos on this production.”

Critics and cast praised Bruno’s performance in the film. Bruno threw himself into the character and his preparation just as he would for any major studio production. He admits that he found transforming himself to be more difficult than the actual delivery of his performance. Romagnoli comments, “I did a total physical change to play Robin and it has changed the way I live. When I got the script the first thing I noticed was that my character was a hitman, and the second was that I had a sex scene. Because of his vocation, my character has to be in a really good shape. I think that is what someone who kills professionally would look like. There are a lot of physically demanding scenarios in his work and he has to be prepared if he wants to remain alive. I had three months before the shooting so I got a personal trainer and I started a program of intensive diet and training at the gym. I would not call it enjoyable. I would feel sick some days, but I got into shape just in time; and maintained it even after the shooting. There are many roles which call for this physical appearance so I have continued this approach to be prepared.”

Bruno Nunez Romagnoli has all of the physical attributes and talent of the marquee names that the public loves, but also has the perspective of a filmmaker. This winning combination has led him from his home in Argentina to the Hollywood community as he pursues and accepts the offers that continue to gravitate his way. Her Last Job is the first of many future jobs which are establishing him as one of the film industry’s bright faces.

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