Australian Actor Alastair Osment The Face That Customers Trust, and a Performer that the Entertainment Industry Loves

With numerous critical roles in an impressive list of television productions behind him, Australian star Alastair Osment has well and truly confirmed his place in the international entertainment industry.

Most obviously, his leading role in national commercial campaigns for companies like EnergyAustralia is a direct reflection of his record of commercial success. The company, which supplies electricity and natural gas to more than 2.6 million residential and business customers throughout the country, is well-known for its innovative advertising campaigns since it was founded more than twenty years ago. Since fronting the campaign, Alastair joined the likes of “The Mentalist” star Simon Baker (the face of ANZ) and “Wedding Crashers” favorite Isla Fisher (spokesperson for IMG), as Australian actors who lure customers with their imitable charm and unique screen presence.

Alastair Osment attends Hollywood Unites to Fight Breast Cancer at a Cause for Entertainment on October 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California 2 - Photo by Michael Bezjian Getty Images for
Alastair Osment attends Hollywood Unites to Fight Breast Cancer at A Cause for Entertainment on October 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Photo from Getty Images. 

Alastair, who is well-known for scene-stealing turns in “Deadline Gallipoli” produced by “Avatar”-star Sam Worthington and the award-winning series “Home and Away”, lead the campaign by portraying a ‘hero’ employee who visits Australian customers in a hilarious and effective series of TV spots that aired right across the country. Despite Alastair’s face and acting credits well-known amongst Australian audiences, it was his firm hold on his acting craft that lead to his hiring. The director, Matt Devine, explained that he was “amazed at the precision and dexterity [Alastair] shows on screen [and] he has an innate ability to draw you in as a viewer.”

EnergyAustralia is Australia’s leading energy company. 

Clearly, Alastair helped draw in viewers. The company continues to generate millions in revenue, and in the year after the campaign aired, the company was Awarded ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ by Canstar Blue and Roy Morgan, Australia’s leading market research company. It’s unsurprising that Alastair played an important part in this win, as he delivered the main message. That Alastair worked with Matt, whose film work has been selected for prestigious festivals all over the world, including SXSW, the Los Angeles Music Video Festival, and the Berlin Music Video Awards, also reinforces how Alastair only works with the best in the industry.

Matt also points to the actor’s X-factor, a rarity amongst people but the defining element amongst A-list actors, which Alastair clearly holds in spades. “[Alastair] is incredibly warm and likable,” Matt explains, “qualities that are essential in a leading man.”

Aside from his significant body of work and the international recognition he has personally received for his achievements as an actor, Alastair explains to our editors that he relished “the opportunity to engage more with the Australian public” through EnergyAustralia’s marketing. “It allowed me to show off my personality, something which my grittier roles in film and TV don’t necessarily allow.”

Alastair in one of his grittier roles from the film “Animal”, showcasing the traditional leading man and ‘rougher’ character types that he generally plays.  

Matt Devine further explains that the advertisement’s success was informed “heavily [by] Alastair’s comedic skills…to pull of the gag…which was that this family had converted their whole house into a sauna.” A hilarious premise, no doubt, but also one that gave this trained thespian opportunity to show off his “naivety and vulnerability”, that according to Matt are “talents which are unique to Alastair” that “worked to perfect effect.”

Alastair’s comedic talents, and ability to attract customers with his remarkable combination of relatability and authority, have also seen him representing global brands like KFC, and Australia’s St. George Bank, in significant advertising campaigns. “Once I was solidly a part of the industry, it seems that directors and producers wanted to keep hiring me because they know they can trust me to deliver the goods.”

The incredibly hard-working and distinctive performer’s illustrious career in Australia has put him in a strong position to continue working in leading roles. Just recently, Alastair has been cast in a new film franchise titled “Stringer” produced by Industry Entertainment Partners, the same company behind the award-winning feature “We Own The Night” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg. “I’m very excited to start filming.” As any actor would be, given the whirlwind shooting schedule that will take Alastair across the US for the next three years, playing the leading character ‘Wayne’. Regardless of the high salary he is expected to earn for the films, it’s clear this actor places more value on his craft. “My purpose is to connect humanity through story. That’s why I act. I believe that as artists we can evoke social change, through narrative we can pose questions to the greater community and ask society to question where its heading.”


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