Award Winning Scottish Actor Richard Rennie on Acting

Performer Richard Rennie, equally well-known around the world for his appearances and performances as a multi-talented dancer, model, presenter and host, is this week’s feature – sitting down with us and sharing some of his exceptional skills as an actor.

Richard Rennie has masterfully juggled careers as an actor, dancer and model. His insights about acting are especially unique.

“Over the years,” Richard clarifies, “I’ve become more comfortable identifying as an actor. I’ve been in the industry for so many years doing other types of performances, but I’ve grown into my acting career in the past decade and I’m at a point in my career where things have really taken off.”

The hallmark of Richard’s acting career was noted with his acceptance of multiple awards at The TOSCARS.  The TOSCARS have been held at the prestigious Egyptian Theater, known worldwide for the handprints of the stars, the same location where the likes of Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington have premiered and been honoured for their work. Richard was honoured for his hilarious turn in the achingly funny “Call Me By Your Maid,” in which he starred opposite Deirdre McCourt, well known herself for her turn in mockumentary comedy series “DECo,” opposite Korey McIsaac (from the Oscar-winning “The Social Network”).

Richard Rennie won ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at the TOSCARS for his role as Oliver in “Call Me By Your Maid.”

Richard’s role as Oliver marked several highlights. The first was that it solidified him as a Funny or Die favorite, as the Scot had already appeared in the award-winning “Unverified” series also on the network. Richard’s “brilliant comic timing” (as reviewed by the trades) brings life to “Unverified” in a way that only his performance could. For this reason, Funny or Die clearly recruited Richard to appear in the popular series as a Scottish meditation and guitar teacher who is out to swindle anyone who employs his services. The aftermath of that series lead to numerous notices and positive reviews, heartily contributing to Funny or Die’s 32 million viewers and its positive financial prospects in 2017.

Second, “Call Me By Your Maid” further garnered the attention of Golden-Globe nominated actor Armie Hammer, as it parodied the Oscar-winning “Call Me By Your Name”, bringing Richard’s work to the attention of millions around the world. While the mainstream became familiar with Richard’s hilarious character particularities, the upper-crust elites at the Soho House were watching his turn in “@asst”, another comedy pilot co-starring Oscar-nominee Eric Roberts. “The Soho House is notoriously exclusive, so to screen there was quite the honor,” claims show creator Craig Robert Young.

The third highlight of Richard’s role was that it reinforced his commercial viability in the world of comedic films – something already known by many in the industry, but now common knowledge amongst movie-lovers globally. Adding to that bonus was that Richard’s salary rewarded his efforts handsomely. He explains, “it is very rare to get paid acting work, so when it finally happens, it’s really comforting to know that I’ve been generously compensated.” For example, Richard earned more than $105 per hour for his work on Bachelor Lions.

Indeed, Richard’s passion as an actor was already well-known in elite film-industry circles. His position at the upper-levels of the acting field is additionally signified with his membership at BAFTA, the British equivalent of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences (the guys who hand out the Oscars). BAFTA’s membership is reserved for those only at the top of their profession in the UK, and so it’s clearly fitting that Richard attends the organizations events whenever he gets the chance to visit home.

“It’s a shame though, as I don’t often get the chance to return home since I’ve come to the US as I’ve been so busy with work.”

Richard has been honoured with multiple awards for his acting.

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