Australia’s Amanda Mitchell Displays Unparalleled Diversity

Actress Amanda Mitchell shot by Nik Williamson

Multi-talented Australian actress Amanda Mitchell has proven herself to be a performer with unlimited range. After more than a decade of landing lead roles in award-winning films and highly watched television shows, it’s clear that the caliber of her gift for performing will keep her on our radar for years to come.

Originally from Sandringham, Victoria, Mitchell spent several years honing her skills on the stages of Australia where she starred in a long list of high-profile productions in roles that include Clara Eynsford Hill in the Peridot Theatre Company’s presentation of “Pygmalion,” Adelaide Adams in the Hampton Theatre Company’s presentation of “Calamity Jane,” Nora in “The Mouse that Roared” and others.

While her stage presence captivated audiences across the country, Mitchell was destined for the screen and in 2010 she landed the starring role of Twila Busby on the Investigation Discovery crime series “Facing Evil.”

Amanda Mitchell as Twila Busby in “Facing Evil”

She went on to star in several more television series taking on roles such as Pia & Rena in the 10-episode fantasy series “Atomic Kingdom” directed by James Peniata (“Silent Eyes,” “Dead Moon Circus”), Catherine in “Nameless: Blood and Chains” alongside Gary Boulter from “Silent Majority” and “Bedlam,” and the villainous Tracey Grissman in “Deadly Women.”

Mitchell admits, “I am passionate about working as an actor because it is constantly changing and always challenging. I am allowed to breathe life into different roles, develop new characters and work with different people. No one day is ever the same.”

With such a diverse range of characters already under her belt, Mitchell’s passion for challenging her craft with roles that are completely different from those she’s taken on in the past is easy to see.

Through her dramatic roles in films such as Sage Benishay’s “About A Husband,” which earned recognition at the Colortape International Film Festival, and “Torn Devotion” where she acts alongside Sontaan Hopson (“The Newtown Girls,” “Dark Temptations”) and Richard Cotter (“Dog’s Breakfast,” “All Saints”), Amanda Mitchell has left an indelible mark in the minds of viewers as an actress who masterfully takes on deeply layered characters.

When asked about her favorite genre to work in, Mitchell admits, “If you would’ve asked me this question five years ago, I probably would’ve said drama, because I relish giving justice to a person’s story so that people learn something about themselves or humanity when watching it, whether it be a TV series or feature film.”

In recent years though, Mitchell has been landing more and more lead roles in comedy series and films, a genre where she has carved out a place for herself as the kind of actress who seems to effortlessly make us laugh out loud. Some of her recent comedies include the film “The Tail Job,” which was nominated for Best Narrative Feature at the 2016 Slamdance Film Festival and chosen as an Official Selection of the CATE Film Festival in Los Angeles, and the series “It’s A Dole Life” where she played the critical role of Megan, a quirky manager who runs the government benefits office.

Amanda also appeared in comedic roles in the series “Skit Box” alongside the creators of the viral “ActiveWear” video which amassed 17 million views and was featured on Perez Hilton’s website. Other comedy roles include the lead character Evelyn in the series “Greg,” Hazel in “Aging Gracefully,” Julie in “Love That Car” and Mariah in “The Final Year.”

When it comes to working on a comedy project, she says, “I’ve always been asked to employ my own unique personality into the role, and that’s what audiences and critics respond to, being me! It’s funny how easy it might sound but it’s very difficult being yourself, being loyal to the script and making it all work together so that people laugh.”

Her work as a commercial actress is another area where ‘just being herself’ has contributed to Mitchell’s success. Over the years she’s amassed an astonishing list of credits as a featured actress in commercials for Coles, Commonwealth Bank, Eurobed, Shark Sonic Duo, Pack & Send, Smart Cleanse, Dollars Direct, Ruby Radar and more. She is also featured in the music video for D-Block & S-te-Fan & Isaac’s hit song “Alive” feat. Chris Madin, which has garnered more than three million views on YouTube. The music video paints the story of a dying teenage girl in the hospital with Mitchell taking on the role of her heartbroken mother. Even without speaking, Mitchell’s emotional expressions in the video are palpable. Check it out below.


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