Dreamstreet Entertainment Dives Into The Deep End with “Harbor Charlie.”

“Harbor Charlie,” a big-budget procedural series, will begin production in the coming months. But unlike other iconic cop shows like “Law & Order” or “NYPD Blue,” Dreamstreet Entertainment will ensure that this new show showcases an aspect of the police force that hasn’t been seen on television before.

While most details about the show have to stay under wraps, what is known is that the series will chronicle “NYPD’s oldest division, patrolling NYC waters since 1850…the elite scuba patrol team.”

The gripping program will blend action and drama, and sources suggest that the cast are nearly finalised and due to represent an impressive line up of high-profile talent from Hollywood and around the world. The latter part was key, it seems, to reflect the melting pot of culture steeped deep within the history of New York City. On a lighter note, our publishers were also informed by sources that show presents a scuba team who “[pick] up where the harbor police leave off – under some of the yuckiest water in the world.”

A photo of the actual elite NYPD scuba team.

Adding to the pedigree “Harbor Charlie”’s instant status as a prominent show because of Dreamstreet Entertainment being behind it, is the dynamic producing duo overseeing the production. Gloria Morrison, who will executive produce, and Tony Eldridge, who will serve as a producer, are two of the most eminent professionals working behind the scenes in Hollywood today.

With other new series vulnerable to cancellation and low-viewing figures in a trepidatious market, Dreamstreet Entertainment brings employment certainty to a creative team and excitement to audiences eager for innovative storytelling. The Los Angeles-based production company is responsible for such projects as “So This is Love” and “Hearts of Fire” from writer Lehel Reeves . “Harbor” will indubitably represent another successful project because of the company’s clear reputation as a Hollywood mainstay.

Gloria Morrison’s attachment to the project as producer, along with Dreamstreet’s, will undoubtedly ensure “Harbor Charlie’s” success for many seasons because of her long and successful career in the industry. Prior to working with Dreamstreet, Morrison produced “What Happened to Bobby Earl?” with “Charlie’s Angel’s” star Kate Jackson, and “Contagion” with Golden-Globe nominee and “Bionic Woman” star Lindsay Wagner. Further to that, Morrison’s past experience as a director, such as on the series “So This Is Love” with “J.Edgar” and “Four Holidays” actor Jack Donner, and “Hollywoodland” actress Jody Jaress, means she brings a diverse set of skills to a unique spin on the cop-show formula.

The assignment of Eldridge as producer on “Harbor Charlie” continues Tony’s long-standing association with Dreamstreet Entertainment, having also worked on “Golden Arrows” in the past. He is currently attached to Dreamstreet’s upcoming “Bad Kitty”. Eldridge, one of the most versatile producers and creatives working in Hollywood today, is also producing the sequel to the Denzel Washington starrer “The Equaliser”, aptly titled “The Equaliser 2”. He originally worked as a producer on the first film in what could go on to be a lucrative film franchise for Columbia Pictures. Oscar-winner Denzel Washington, who attracted rave reviews for the Academy-Award winning “Fences,” will reprise his leading role. In addition to his work with Dreamstreet Entertainment, Eldridge notably directed and produced “The Naked Truth,” the hugely successful and multi-million dollar budgeted mockumentary starring Emmy-nominated icon Leslie Nielsen.

While the release date and distributor for “Harbor Charlie” is yet to be confirmed, sources suggest that competition for screening rights will be fierce given the talent involved and interest in the company’s other projects. Be prepared to dive deep into the series when it premieres though; as we’ve come to expect from other Dreamstreet projects, they’ll be offering audiences a layered story with entertainment, heart and intrigue.

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