Alice Phillips

Featured Model: UK Bombshell Alice Phillips

Hailing from Hertfordshire, England blonde bombshell Alice Phillips began her modeling career a little over three years ago when she was scouted by Anne Tilby, a UK-based artist who was collaborating with a London designer, and was immediately attracted to Alice’s look and asked her to model for their project.

In the years since that fated encounter, Alice’s presence as a model has grown exponentially; and with her flawless fair skin, mesmerizing blue eyes, pouty lips and perfect blonde hair, it’s no wonder why. The girl is a knock out!  

She has a unique way of exuding the type of appeal that says girl-next-door and sexy vixen all at the same time, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if she get’s tapped to become a Victoria’s Secret angel in the very near future.

Model Alice Phillips
Model Alice Phillips featured in the Sept. 2015 edition of Hello! magazine

Early in her career Alice was featured in the September 2015 issue of Hello! Magazine, one of the UK’s most popular magazines specializing in celebrity news. Alice, who was featured in a prominent beauty editorial for the magazine, shot with internationally known photographer Bjoern Kommerell, who’s known globally for his shots of celebrity icons such as Elton John, Danny Trejo, Ashton Kutcher and many more household names. Wearing very little make-up, Alice looks natural, calm and graceful, creating a striking yet relatable look that easily caught the attention of the magazine’s readers.

Since she got her start in the industry Alice has made a name for herself as a uniquely versatile model. Over the years she’s been the center focus for a plethora of ads and magazines back home, but her appeal has definitely extended beyond the borders of the UK.

Brands across the world have continued to seek her out to be their featured face in a long list of campaigns, editorials and billboards, including those for companies in the U.S. such as New Yorker’s Apparel. Being chosen to model for New Yorker’s Apparel– arguably the largest women’s wear wholesaler in the U.S., Alice appeared on several billboards and print ads distributed across Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas earlier this year. Alice’s slim figure and dynamic look made her the perfect model to wear a variety of styles for New Yorker’s Apparel including everything from upscale evening dresses to sleek and fitted casual wear; and not surprising in the least to anyone who’s seen her work, she looked stunning in them all.

Alice Phillips
Alice Phillips in a print ad for New Yorker’s Apparel

Earlier on in her career that same versatility that landed Alice a coveted position as New Yorker’s Apparel’s featured model caught the attention of Goals Boutique, a popular UK clothing store. In 2015 Alice shot a series of photos for Goals Boutique that were featured on the company’s website and were integral to driving sales. For Goals Boutique Alice exhibited more of a sexy sultry look, one where her ability to take on different poses without looking ‘forced’ was essential to making each outfit look hot, which was the key vibe the company was going for.

Though Alice’s physique and natural talent for adapting her look to fit whatever attitude the client is trying to achieve has made her a sought after model for a range of clothing, over the years she has also be tapped to model for several make-up companies.

Alice Phillips
Model Alice Phillips for Jessica White Cosmetics

Her strong cheekbones, voluminous pouty lips, and perfect nose caught the attention of Sports Illustrated supermodel Jessica White earlier this year who cast Alice to model her new line of lipsticks in Paris for her company Jessica White Cosmetics. At 22-years-old, UK-based model Alice Phillips is in hot demand; and with a naturally youthful look, she definitely has a long and fruitful career ahead of her.


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