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Talented Film Director Explores the Effects of War Torn Societies Through Film

Onn Nir
                                                                                                       Film Director Onn Nir

Israeli film directing phenomenon Onn Nir is taking Los Angeles and the international film scene by storm with several award-winning projects under his belt. This coupled with his passion to tell humane stories that provoke change, and his direction of characters with great authenticity make Nir a sought after director, and one to keep your eye on.

Serving as a combat medic in the Israeli army led Onn Nir to his true calling as a visual storyteller, with strong roots in the psychology and emotions of the complex world in which we live. Focusing on the primary concepts of image, mood and emotion, Nir creates a sense of social realism through his camera work and creation of real time intensity.

“I am utterly intrigued by the here and now, especially during extreme circumstances that expose the behavior of the characters with great authenticity,” said Nir.

Believing the true mission of a film director is to enhance the story telling on the page by mixing thought provoking story lines and emotional characters; Nir stands out as a director with true vision and spirit.

Born Guilty, one of Nir’s early films, tells a complex story of fear and prejudice. The film’s examination of prejudice through the experience of an unconventional victim caught the eye of the international audience. Born Guilty received the esteemed National Board of Review award.

Pressure Point, Nir’s follow up to Born Guilty, depicts and examines the complexity of the Middle East through a simple, emotional circumstance. Shot in Nir’s native Israel, and featuring the beautiful Judea Desert as its’ backdrop, Pressure Point is a visual and emotional tour de force. The film, which starred acclaimed Israeli actor Danny Geva (Sweets, Marzipan Flowers, Ha-Hamama, Kalevet), was an Official Selection of the Hamptons International Film Festival and the St. Louis International Film Festival.

Onn Nir’s most recent film however, Bamidbar, is one of his most powerful project to date. The film received the Audience Award at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival and was nominated for several awards at the renowned Shanghai International Film Festival and the Champs-Elysee Fesitval in France.

A tale of a father and daughter’s strained relationship, Nir’s Bamidbar explores the subject of trauma in a society of constant war as one character prepares to join the army and the other struggles to forget the experience he had in the war decades before.

Bamidbar is a progressively uncomfortable journey into loss and it’s consequences, a raw story about post trauma, and how one can heal from it in order to survive” said Nir.

Starring veteran Israeli actor Sabi Dorr, Bamidbar is a remarkable work of cinematic beauty that bravely depicts a psychologically complex relationship in a brutally honest way.

Nir has two hot new projects that he plans to begin production on very soon, The Drummers, and Kamel. The Drummers tells the harrowing tale of a lost US Army unit in Afghanistan. Following the real life exploits of famed Israeli spy Eli Cohen, Kamel is an intense thriller featuring the missions of the legendary spy. Onn Nir’s Kamel will no doubt prove an exciting tale of espionage in 60’s era Middle East.

Onn Nir is poised to take his work to the next level of cinema, and is truly an impressive and innovative filmmaker for our ever-changing society.

Creative Genius Jennie McGuirk

Jennie McGuirk
Creative Director Jennie McGuirk shot by Christian Thomas

Award-winning creative director Jennie McGuirk represents the perfect dichotomy of creativity and commerce. Under her belt, she has an innumerable list of hugely successful projects for international businesses, publications and agencies. Clients have included: Mercedes-Benz, BP, Ford, WWF, DHL, Kronenbourg, The Westfield Group, Dove, and American Express.

She has an acute vision for artistic and creative detail, yet maintains a clear focus on the bigger picture. Her eye-catching, tailored solutions for trendsetting brands are executed with laser-like precision and have boosted the success of her international clientele.

Before coming to Los Angeles, the Manchester native worked in London for several years where, among other ventures, she assisted agent Charlotte Wheeler and fashion photographer Nick Knight. Alongside projects for Nick’s groundbreaking online platform SHOWstudio, she was exposed to campaigns for major players in the fashion and music industry, such as Levi’s, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and Massive Attack.

McGuirk began working in Los Angeles in 2008, and has become one of the most respected names in the world of creative direction. Her stature in the field is exemplified by her recent appointment to the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the AIGA association. AIGA LA is one of the largest, most influential branches of America’s professional association for design.

“AIGA is the world’s largest professional association for design, and it is a great honor for me to be recognized by such a high-caliber group of peers,” McGuirk said. “As Engagement Director, I will be helping to support and develop the Los Angeles chapter and elevating the LA design community on both a national and international level.”

In 2013, McGuirk won the AIGA (Re)design Award for her Creative Direction and Copywriting, a highly-prized honor from the association, which was established more than a century ago and currently represents over 22,000 designers nationwide.

“I’m particularly proud of the AIGA (RE)design Award, as it recognizes creatives who put in the extra effort to consider all impacts of a design project, including environmental, economic, social and cultural,” McGuirk said. “It effectively raises the bar for what constitutes ‘good design.’”

She received that award in recognition for her work on the Small Gestures Campaign for Sunrise Brands, an apparel conglomerate that designs, manufactures and sells both branded and private label clothing. Sunrise Brands’ partnerships with names such as American Rag Cie, Superdry and Melissa McCarthy for Seven7, have made the company a leading name in LA’s renowned fashion scene. She conceived the Small Gestures Campaign to create a sense of community for the company’s employees, while simultaneously encouraging conservation and an environmentally friendly workplace. The campaign was lauded with praise by the esteemed judges at AIGA and had a tangible effect on the community spirit and reduction of waste in the office.

A seasoned veteran in her field, McGuirk’s role sees her working closely with clients to research, plan and implement the creative and visual direction of a brand’s image and experience. She has worked with clients in many industries, and possesses a rare knack for visualizing not just the needs of her clients, but the trends and patterns of their customers. McGuirk is a master of both the ephemeral and the timeless; able to foresee and target consumer trends with pinpoint accuracy, her talents lend a considerable advantage to those she works with.

“I monitor the comparative and competitive landscape, and reference cultural influencers to help inform my concepts. I then define the individual aspects that will set the brand apart. This ensures the creative solution has both relevance and authenticity,” McGuirk said. “I work to make sure the brand messaging is consistent, cohesive and impactful, in order to create that all-important emotional connection with the consumers.”

A versatile and innovative creative, McGuirk has a particular affinity for the fashion industry and has recently dedicated her talents to developing the brand identity and ecommerce experience for West Hollywood boutique, TAGS. Part of the Sunrise Brands portfolio, with which she was well-acquainted from her prior work, TAGS’ massive inventory of affordable luxury brands features the latest styles from Zimmermann, A.L.C., IRO, Vince and Theory, among many, many more of the most up-to-the-minute designer fashions. Since tapping McGuirk as the Creative Director for TAGS last year, the company has had an undeniable surge in site traffic, record Holiday sales, and content-driven marketing campaigns are flourishing. More importantly than the immediate sales growth however, is the way McGuirk has managed to create a recognizable online presence for the company, making them a go-to designer boutique for shoppers around the globe.

“I have been writing about the incredible offering of brands that the store carries for several years,” McGuirk said. “In 2014, I initiated and directed the brand development, content creation and ecommerce site redesign… The company aesthetic is now more in line with the amazing roster of brands that it carries and I’m continuously working to direct site content and enhance the user experience design.”

In a city like Los Angeles, it takes a tremendous amount of talent to stand out among the creative community. McGuirk has become one of the most recognized figures in design, employing innovative and adaptive styles and campaigns to bring national attention to her clients. Her growing list of clients have benefited immensely from her astounding vision, both creatively and fiscally, and her successes have made her one of the most sought-after icons in an industry that begins at the crossroads of aesthetics and economics, beauty and business.