British Actor and Producer Fraser Precious is Making His Mark in Hollywood

Fraser 2
British actor and producer Fraser Precious.




These are three words that, when lived by, will lead to success. For British actor and producer Fraser Precious, they have done just that.

Originally from Cambridge, England, Fraser recently produced and starred in the short film To Feel Human. The film premiered at the Nice International Film Festival where it was nominated for several awards. Afterwards, To Feel Human made its way to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival where it received overwhelming feedback. It has since been accepted into 3 other major film festivals around the world.

“With our film To Feel Human it all happened so fast and just goes to show what you can achieve when you put your mind to something and believe in your capabilities,” said Fraser. “We constantly pushed boundaries, whether it be with budget, locations, acting or just what was physically possible to achieve in such a short space of time. I don’t believe in waiting around for something to happen. Just get out there and do it.”

To Feel Human is about an unemotional angel who wishes to experience human emotions for the first time, unaware of the consequences that lay ahead. Fraser worked with his film partner Junpei Suzuki, where together they created, wrote, produced, shot the film and edited it in the space of 2 weeks in Los Angeles.

“I wanted to create a story that inspired people to be better humans and appreciate the privileges we have on this planet, which some take for granted. The whole idea of realizing what it means to be human, the emotions we experience and our relationships with others,” explained Fraser. “We wanted the story to be told and viewed in a more physical and less dialogue driven way. We couldn’t be happier with the result”.

Easton Alexeyev, who acted alongside Fraser in the film, describes working with him as a wonderful experience.

“What stands out about Fraser’s acting is his ability to hold the space. What I mean is, he takes his time and even fills the silence with emotion and intention. His acting is never rushed; it is precise and calculated without feeling contrived. Acting alongside him, I felt as though the pauses between what he was saying were just as important as the times he was speaking. It was beautiful and inspiring to see,” said Easton. “He has this very calm quality about him that makes you instantly comfortable. It’s this quality that, as an actress, I truly appreciated because it gave me the freedom to take chances, to be bold. If I had the opportunity to work with Fraser again, I’d absolutely take it, and I think that in and of itself speaks to how I felt about the entire experience.”

Fraser feels incredibly blessed to have made the move to Los Angeles, where he says he has dreamed of working for many years.

“Growing up in the small town of Newmarket back in England feels like a world away from Hollywood but it’s thanks to my humble beginnings that I’m now able to flourish in this wonderful city. After working and living in 4 countries, I have found that nothing comes close to the incredible opportunities that are available in Los Angeles,” he said.

Fraser emerged as a musician in his teens, but transitioned to acting when he realized it was his true passion.

“Growing up as a musician I was always excited and inspired by every opportunity I had to perform, a desire that continuously pumps through my veins,” said Fraser. “It was when I moved to Sydney, Australia at 18 to begin my music degree that I came across and developed a passion for acting. I started off with small featured roles in Australian TV shows and just fell in love with the craft of acting from day one. I then began taking acting classes and training and knew straight away that I had to get to Los Angeles, to the heart of the entertainment industry, where I could really succeed as an actor.

It is now 10 years since Fraser first emerged as an actor with small roles on the Australian television program Home and Away, and does not regret transitioning from the music industry for a moment.

“I love the thrill and rush of performing a scene with other actors and really getting into a character and preparing for a challenging role. If I am performing on stage, I absolutely love feeling the captivation and connection with the audience. I find so much excitement and energy from being able to create and manipulate the characters I play using all of the mental and physical skills I have available. Utilizing every ounce of my brain and body in a role gives me immense satisfaction where I really feel I am using everything I have developed as a human being,” he said. “I always get the most satisfaction from testing and challenging myself with every role and part I am given and as a perfectionist I find that reaching the absolute peak of my powers with acting is the only challenge I should really feel and an absolute must.”

Fraser will soon be starring in the television series Jet Loungin, which he also developed and created with his partner Josh Levine. The show follows two long lost cousins navigating Hollywood with the most futuristic entertainment vehicle ever made, the Jet Lounge X. The Jet Lounge X is the revolutionary invention of TXG Studios owner and founder Devin Foxx. Currently signed on to the project are Patrick Gallagher, known for his roles in Night at the Museum, Glee, and True Blood, as well as Torrei Hart, known for Parental Discretion, American Bad Boy, and Atlanta Exes.

Following the filming of Jet Loungin, Fraser plans on tackling his own feature film titled A Precious Life based on his previous life as a professional trumpet player, which he refers to as his “masterpiece”. The film will also cover the scope of mental health issues faced by many people today and also the homeless community which together will make for an inspiring story. It is with no doubt that with the ambition, versatility, and motivation that Fraser holds, his acting and producing career will continue to flourish.



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