Larissa Giampaoli connects fans to bands

The world we live in has evolved more than imaginable in the last 60 years. From moon landings to the iPhone 7, technology, politics, and entertainment has vastly changed. The music-world is no different. When The Beatles were at their prime, an appearance on Ed Sullivan was enough to have everyone talking about them. Now, you need to have an active YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. For many musicians, this is out of their realm. Enter creative producer Larissa Giampaoli, who uses her passion for music with her social media savvy to maintain a band’s image, and ensure they are the ones everyone is talking about.

This is exactly what Giampaoli helped achieve for the rock band Mastodon’s Once More Around the Sun album, where she took a leading role as a new media specialist and day-to-day manager for the bands.

“I first saw Mastodon live in NYC, and I was captivated by their strong stage presence,” she said. “I still remember how the crowd was going crazy for every song. They are very unique on the stage and as a band, and I think their social media reflects that. Even when thinking about the working for a post we need to take that into consideration.”

A highlight for Giampaoli was watching the band act in an episode of Game of Thrones, which was one of the best rated episodes in the shows history. They appeared in the eighth episode of the fifth season of the show titled Hardhome, where the Battle North of the Wall takes place. The bands original song “White Walker” is featured on the Game of Thrones mixtape Catch the Throne Vol. 2.

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Larissa Giampaoli has worked with bands Mastadon and Ghost.

“I am a huge Game of Thrones fan, and it was pretty amazing to watch them on the screen. They were killed by the white walkers in less than ten minutes, but still,” she joked. “Their fans seem to be also huge fans of the show, anytime we share an article related to it, they go crazy.”

Giampaoli worked closely with Nick John and Ernie Gonzalez, who manages the band. She describes them as great to work with, and are rock business veterans.

“It’s very fulfilling working with Larissa, she is a forward thinker, problem solver and a wonderful person to be a part of the RSE team who works very well with all of us and individually,” said John, who has over 20 years of experience. “Larissa is great as what she does by thoroughly reviewing and gathering information on each project fully. Larissa also is great at finding new platforms for our business and determining if they are something our company can benefit from using. She works very well with our team. Working with Larissa is great experience, she is reliable, diplomatic, and easy to get along with.”

“Larissa is a team player, she is always willing to help and is a great source of information as it relates to creative strategy and digital marketing. Larissa helps the team move forward in a positive direction,” he continued.

“Larissa has proved the incredible value of her talents by helming the release strategy for the Grammy Award nominated, Billboard Charting Once More ‘Round The Sun LP for heavy metal titans Mastodon, Gojira’s critically acclaimed sixth album Magma, and the Grammy Award winning and commercially successful Meliora album for Ghost,” said Gonzalez. “For Larissa to have worked with these legendary, genre-pushing acts undoubtedly illustrates the demand for her work, and her status as a highly accomplished creative producer of high commercial value.”

For Giampaoli, it was the band’s commitment to their art that made the experience truly worthwhile.

“Mastodon take their music and art very serious. Each T-shirt design has something special about them, and it was interesting to me to get to know all these obscure artists who designs their stuff,” she concluded. “It was one of my favorite things.”



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