Writer Emiliano Forino Procacci’s book is Golden Book Awards 2016 Winner

Emiliano 1Many people think that all of their problems can be solved by a high-profile, well-paying job. In today’s world, it is easy to be concerned with what will make us the most money, rather than what will make us truly happy. What many fail to realize is that success does not equate to your financial status, but your emotional status. Happiness is in fact success.

Emiliano Forino Procacci is an Italian writer and psychologist, and he knows this better than most. Procacci had a high-paying job, a good employment contract, and as he describes it, a “linear life”, but decided it was not the right path for him.

His leap of faith has worked out for him, as Procacci has written and published a list of successful books, which include: Secrets of Motivations and Personal Growth, Organizational Evolution and Development of Human Resources, Follow Your Own Star and Fulfill Yourself in Change, and The Freedom of Words. His book Communicating With Success: The Secrets of Persuasion is the Golden Book Awards 2016 Winner, and a finalist at the International Book Awards 2016.

“Writing is a communicative mode. I would like to help all people to be more serene,” he said. “In my books there is also the story of my life, of my travels around the world and how I tried to help the people that I met on my path.”

The biggest satisfaction for Procacci has been readers contacting him to ask you for an additional publication. He has now gained a true fan base.

“A few days after the publication of The Secrets of Motivation and Personal Growth, I received lots of comments by those readers who particularly appreciated the sentences that they considered, in their words, ‘poetical’,” he said.

Newton Lee, the Adjunct Professor at Woodbury University and the president of the Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships in Los Angeles published some of Procacci’s books in English. Lee wrote the preface of Secrets of Motivations and Personal Growth called Exercises and Tools to Make the Quality of Your Life Better.

“Emiliano is very pleasant to work with. He is easy going and down to earth,” said Lee. “A good writer always writes from the heart. That is what makes Emiliano a good writer.”

Procacci writes from the heart because writing is his heart. He knows writing a book is not easy and it is very time consuming. He says that during that period many good and bad things happen in life and the writer becomes affected. For him, the desire to communicate and the love for his family has always given him the strength to write.

“Sharing what you know, donating your creative talent to the world and helping people to improve their lives are some of the things that can be done to fulfill ourselves as social beings and to step out of our comfort zone,” he described. “We don’t have to be masters to teach orchestral music, and the athletes who won the gold medal at the Olympics are not the only ones who can teach sports, in fact, every day is perfect to convey what we know to someone else and remember: even the most brilliant light has no value if it is hidden in darkness, be bold and show the world what you can do.”

Procacci teaches in the Department of Communication Sciences at the Università Popolare of Gorizia. He aims to inspire his students to both read and write.

“As I like to repeat to my students, the moment a writer and a reader meet inside of a book is magic, because they share the reading of the same printed characters on the paper, even if with different eyes. So, a thought takes shape in the writer’s mind, makes its way through emotions and feelings, adopting their movements and smell, and then transforms into sentences which are transferred to paper,” he said. “The reader, in turn, performs the reverse process and extrapolates the sentences from the text, hopefully remaining intoxicated by them and making them his own. It is a mutual exchange and the place where all of this takes place is between the pages of a book.”

Procacci believes books are all written with a purpose and that his is simple and unpretentious. He would like to somehow convey a message of hope that can help you realize what you most intimately want.

Procacci has now written five books of which four of are on the subjects of communication and personal growth. He is now I’m writing a motivational novel, which he is certain will as successful as his other books.

“It would be a shame to waste our time without trying to deserve serenity and happiness,” he concluded. “I chose to exit from my comfort zone and I have found happiness. There is a world right around the corner if you just to have the courage to look for it.”

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