Actress Amor Sanchez to star in superhero series Scorpion Girl

Amor Sanchez – Photo by Laura Escudero

Amor Sanchez wakes up every day knowing she is doing what she loves. While growing up in Madrid, she fell in love with art, and then acting. The bilingual actress takes roles that will offer her a challenge, and participates in projects that are important.

This is how she came to be in the upcoming television series Scorpion Girl. The show will introduce the first major Latina female superhero. The series follows a young girl named Suvanni, who is a sheltered, innocent young woman who abruptly departs from her small hometown in Mexico to track down her missing older sister, Alexandra. Her quest makes her a target of the most nefarious criminal, Hans Von Kruger; he is the man holding her sister captive as a slave in a sex trafficking ring. The scope of his demonic plans are limitless.

“I am very excited because the show will shatter two stereotypes. First, that women are weak and submissive, and second, that there isn’t a female Latin super hero,” said Sanchez. “I am very proud and I can’t wait to start. I think it will change the way the world sees the Hispanic people in general. “

Sanchez will play Endellion, who is Hans Von Krurger’s right hand. The casting was difficult and required martial arts experience.

“Endellion is on the bad side. She will act as a spy, following all of the protagonist’s moves. She is dangerous and you don’t see her coming, she acts from the shade,” described Sanchez.

Sanchez has lots of experience playing characters with depth. She has starred in over a dozen films, including the film Brando Unauthorized, which won the Best Director and Best Feature awards at New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. Damian Chapa, the director of the film, says he always wants to cast Sanchez in his films.

“I realized from the beginning that she is an extraordinary actress so I gave her one of the lead roles. Her performance embodied the character with such passion and such depth there was no point to keep the casting going. She stole the part and our hearts. Her work achieved outstanding results which made her an indispensable component of my films from then on,” said Chapa. “She always understands the roles right away, making them ‘alive’ and different from one another. Her eyes are so powerful that she is able to express deep feelings without even talking. My movies wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Amor Sanchez – Photo by Laura Escudero

Chapa and Sanchez first started working together on the film Mexican Gangster. It was one of the first films Sanchez worked on, and led to the of a continuous artistic collaboration.

“Every time I decide to get involved in a new project, it is because I am very passionate about it. Every project is special,” said Sanchez. “Damian Chapa, David Carradine, Eric Roberts, Jeff Connaway, they all have something in common, hard workers. They are who they are and where they are because they are very professional and work hard. They are a role to follow. Watching them working definitely inspires you. They have a passion and they put it in all what they do.”

Amor Sanchez also has built a professional relationship with the Spanish producer Guillermo Escalona, one of the founders of the prestigious Spanish movie production company La Panda Productions and the sole proprietor of Quixote International Talent Management. They worked together on the film People You May Know, and are working on a adaptation of the film to a television series with the same name.

She is also set to star in two films by Rivera Films Studios The Curse of Manizales and The Curse of Manizales 2, the same production company for Scorpion Girl.

“I don’t like routine; some people do but is not for me. That is what I like about this job, not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow, the uncertainty. I am very thankful that I can do what I love as my profession,” she concluded.

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